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Here's What It's Actually Like To Be With The Victoria's Secret Angels IRL

I went to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show live and it blew my mind.

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The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is quite possibly one of the biggest television events of the year and it airs tonight.

For a reason I can't really understand, I was invited to go to the show IRL this year.

Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed

Every year, I've watched the show at home with my friends and a v. large pizza delivery (because I am an emotional eater). When I found out I was going to actually GO to the show, which is filmed in November, I lost my shit.


I got this invitation, which probably cost more than, IDK, my iPhone, to print.

Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed

I will be framing this to hang in the house where I will one day raise my children and I will tell them that at one point their mother was actually fun.

On the day of the show, a couple of co-workers and I got there, and I went to have my hair and makeup done like the Angels. Backstage was a goddamn zoo in the best way possible.

Gabriel H. Sanchez / BuzzFeed

Everywhere you look there's a model with like 10 people working on her hair and makeup.


When she was done with my face, she was like, "Let's do some leg makeup on you to really finish things off!" OK, Nina, you magician, you.

Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed

There was contouring. There was some tanning mousse. I've never been so sad to take a shower at the end of the night, because I never wanted to say goodbye to these legs.

As I waited for the show to start, I actually lost count of how many times the men in the audience said the line, "I'm just hoping to find my next ex-wife tonight." Relax, creepy dudes.

Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed

This was the nighttime show. They run through the show twice, once in the afternoon and once at night, to get the best shots from both shows on TV.


All of the walks are perfectly choreographed to the musical performances. I'm talking the second the beat drops, the first shoe drops to start walking.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Ellie Goulding stepped in for Rihanna after she canceled a week before the show.


And five minutes later, everyone cleared out to go to the afterparty.

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

I, however, did not go to the afterparty. Instead, I walked home in the rain, which made the makeup on my legs streaky. My extensions got a little too windblown.

For more behind-the-scenes action, watch this video of the models telling us the most annoying questions they're asked:

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