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15 Kitchen Disasters That Will Make You Say "Damn, Son"

Rule #1: Never leave anything on a burner.

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4. "When I was eight I decided to make cupcakes but accidentally swapped the sugar and the flour quantities. My brother then dared me to eat them so I did and threw up constantly for the next two days."


9. "I was making a stir-fry and I placed the blue plastic bag of frozen chicken breast strips on a very hot burner and left it there. For a while."

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"There was burning, and a little smoke but most of the chicken was saved once I realized how stupid I was. Surprisingly, once the burner was no longer hot, most of the blue plastic came right off. Not my best kitchen moment…" —laceyorgan21

10. "I had a binder full of recipes that I was consulting while attempting to make homemade yogurt. There was this really odd smell but I thought nothing of it because I’m a moron, until there was smoke billowing up from the binder. I turned on the wrong electric burner and the plastic melted completely to the metal!"

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"I threw open the windows to get rid of the awful burnt smell and once the burner was cooled down I took it to the rental office. They gave me the most bizarre looks as I explained my need to put in a work order, and they basically laughed me out of the place." —jennyp4b17105ef

11. "In middle school, my teacher had these corn dogs that you could buy. She left the room and my friend and I bought a corn dog and put it in the microwave. This was a weird microwave and we didn’t quite understand it. My friend put 30 minutes instead of three."

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"We were chilling and all of a sudden we smelled smoke and started screaming. Then the fire alarms for the room started to go off, then the ones for the whole school. We agreed to never speak of it again." —jxsticekk


14. "I gave my brother the task of making dinner before I fell asleep watching Scandal. I woke up three hours later and it smelled horrible. I went downstairs and he was asleep on the couch. This is why you don’t let your 11-year-old brother 'cook' dinner."