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    Coffin Nails Are The Creepiest Trend To Come Out Of 2015

    Omg dead.

    So coffin nails are long AF and they're shaped like, ya know, COFFINS.

    @margaritasnailz / Via


    Eriksvoboda / Getty Images

    They got popular because Kylie Jenner started ’gramming them.

    @kyliejenner / Via

    The sharp edges make them look hella baller.

    @pronails3rd / Via

    The little coffins look so damn beautiful with simple, neutral polish.

    @teshiamonique / Via

    But they also have so much more space for ~elaborate~ nail art.

    @omgnailsandspa / Via

    *heart eyes emoji*

    @gs_custom_nailz / Via

    Oh, and here's what they look like naked:

    @babe_nails / Via


    In sum: Long live coffin nails.

    @loveeffectnails / Via