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    This Makeup Company Has Very Different Descriptions For Men And Women

    Their eyeshadows are not created equal.

    You may be familiar with this eyeshadow palette called Nude 'Tude from The Balm cosmetics company.

    The palette comes with 12 ~scandalous~ eyeshadow shades, positioned over the women on the packaging to cover up their bodies.

    Because the product was such a hit, the company created a second palette called Nude Dude.

    Similarly to the female palette, Nude Dude features 12 eyeshadow shades covering up naked male bodies.

    Now we ask: Can you spot the difference between the palettes?

    There's Always Time For Lipstick / Via

    Look closely.

    Stumped? Take a closer look at the color names.

    There's Always Time For Lipstick

    Women = "Sassy" and "Snobby"

    Men = "Fearless" and "Fabulous"

    Here's the difference: The women are sometimes labeled things like "Stubborn" and "Stand-offish" while the men are labeled "Flawless" and "Faithful."

    There's Always Time For Lipstick

    About half of the female descriptions are negative, while all of the male descriptions are positive.

    While the men are labeled as "Flirty," the women are labeled as "Selfish."

    There's Always Time For Lipstick

    And as women are given the title of "Schitzo" on the original packaging for the palette, men are just called "Funny."

    There's Always Time For Lipstick

    Since the introduction of the Nude 'Tude palette in 2013, The Balm has replaced the name "Schitzo" with the name "Seductive" for the same eyeshadow shade.


    1. So, could you spot the difference?

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    So, could you spot the difference?
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      Yes, I could smell it from a mile away.
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      Not at first, but now I can't unsee it.

    H/T: @Emilayhoolmes

    This post has been updated to reflect the removal of the name "Schitzo" from the makeup packaging in 2013.