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    17 Game-Changing Beauty Products You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

    Get ready for the first day of the rest of your life.

    Alice Mongkongllite / Via BuzzFeed

    1. NYX Be Gone Lip Color Remover

    @miss_diamondz / Via

    What It Does: It's a clear gel that you rub on your lips to remove any stubborn lipstick, stain, or color in general. Just wipe it off with a tissue.

    Get it here for $4.99.

    2. Shadow Shields

    @kimjluv / Via

    What It Does: It's a simple cotton shield with an adhesive edge that you can stick under your eye as you're applying makeup. When you're done, peel off the shield and the makeup will have a clean edge with no fallout.

    Get a box of 30 for $9.99 here.

    3. Lipstick Queen Green Lipstick

    @beautyprofessor / Via

    What It Does: It's a green lipstick that reacts to your body's pH level to look like a semi-sheer rose shade that's perfect for your skin tone.

    Get it here for $25.

    4. NXY Color-Correcting Concealer Palette

    @prosto_isaeva_mua / Via

    What It Does: In one palette, you get every color of concealer you could need for spot correction (i.e. green for redness, salmon for dark circles, etc.).

    Get it here for $11.99.

    5. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

    @beautyandhair_by_mer / Via

    What It Does: It's a one-step process for removing makeup and cleansing your skin, plus it's super gentle so it won't freak out sensitive skin. You don't even need to rinse it off.

    Get it here for $6.99. There's also a waterproof version that you can find here for $6.99.

    6. Shiseido Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask

    http://@cakeface.fantasy / Via

    What They Do: Apply and leave the eye masks on for 15 minutes to brighten the eye area and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Some people also apply them around their mouths to target laugh lines. Totally up to you!

    Get them here for $17.50 for a pack of three.

    7. Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer

    @tashatarnawa / Via

    What It Does: Swipe it over any lipstick and it turns it into a matte finish.

    Get it here for $24.

    8. Maybelline Brow Pomade Crayon

    @beautybytanci / Via

    What It Does: It's a combination between a pomade and a brow pencil so you can fill in your brows and keep stray hairs in place with one product.

    Get it here for $8.99.

    9. Tweexy Rubber Nail Polish Holder Ring

    @weareonyx / Via

    What It Does: Wear the little rubber holder on your hand as you paint your nails to avoid having a bottle tip over or having to reach far. It fits just about every kind of polish bottle.

    Get it here for $14.95.

    10. Dollar Shave Club

    @dollarshaveclub / Via

    What It Does: You'll get a monthly subscription box of one handle, four or five razor head refills, and shaving cream that all ships for free. It's technically marketed to men, but if you want to fuck the Pink Tax, this is your best bet.

    Get a monthly subscription for $3, $6, or $9 here. Just decide what kind of blade you want.

    11. Milk Eyeliner Pen

    @milkmakeup / Via

    What It Does: It's liquid liner dispensed through a chubby marker with a slanted tip so you get a perfect wing with minimal crying.

    Get it here for $20.

    12. Berrisom Peel-Off Lip Stain

    @karl_dany / Via

    What It Does: It goes on like a jelly, then dries on your lips, and when you peel it off it leaves a super-pretty lip stain that lasts for about 12 hours and feels like you're wearing nothing.

    Get it here for $9.

    13. Exfoliating Gloves

    @aracelirf89 / Via

    What They Do: Wear the gloves and use them to gently exfoliate your face with your favorite cleanser or exfoliator.

    There are a bunch of versions of these. Try these ones for $6.29.

    14. Amika Mighty Mini Dryer

    Matriarchofnerds / Via

    What It Does: The mini-blow-dryer weighs less than a pound and does the same amount of work as a regular dryer, so it's perfect whether you want to use it every morning or just on days when you're traveling.

    Get it here for $55.

    15. E.l.f. Lip Lock Pencil

    @____thequeenv____ / Via

    What It Does: It's a clear lip liner that you apply around your mouth to stop bleeding and feathering lipstick. Think of it like a barrier!

    Get it here for $3.

    16. Morphe Palettes

    @makeuptime_q8 / Via

    What They Do: Each palette caters to a very specific look like "Colored Smoky Eye" or "Bam Lips," they're beginner-friendly, and they're awesome quality.

    Get a variety of palettes for anything you need here for $12.99–$24.99.

    17. Lush Don't Look At Me Face Mask

    @_polyestergirl_ / Via

    What It Does: It exfoliates, moisturizes, and softens skin so it straight-up glows.

    Get it here for $10.95.