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16 Underrated Lingerie Brands That Aren't Victoria's Secret

You'll wish you knew about these sooner. The products in this post were updated in January 2018.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. Adore Me / Via Facebook: adoremeofficial

Once you fill take a quick ~preferences~ quiz on the kind of lingerie styles you love, Adore Me curates a collection based on your taste. You can sign up to be a VIP member to get perks (like $10 off any style, anytime and every sixth bra-and-panty set free) or just sign up as a non-member and order whatever you want.

Pricing: $19.95+

Where to Buy:

2. ThirdLove

@Thirdlove / Via

ThirdLove is a genius brand because they have... wait for it...HALF-CUP SIZES. For every woman who's had to settle for a bra that's a little too snug or loose, this is the solution.

Pricing: $12+

Where to Buy:

3. True & Co

@Trueandco / Via

True & Co is dedicated to finding every woman's perfect-fitting bras. Once you take a quiz online, it determines which bras will fit your body type best so you don't have to do any guessing.

Pricing: $16+

Where to Buy:

4. Nubian Skin

@Nubianskin / Via

Ade Hassan, the founder of Nubian Skin, was frustrated by the lack of skin-tone lingerie for women of color. Nubian Skin was born and has been making a diverse range of shades ever since.

Pricing: £14+

Where to Buy:

5. Thinx

@Shethinx / Via

Thinx is all about allowing — and encouraging — women to talk about their periods, and its underwear is meant to be worn during them.

Pricing: $20+

Where to Buy:

6. Harlow & Fox

@Harlowandfox / Via

Harlow & Fox's gorgeous lingerie is designed exclusively for sizes 30–38 D–DG.

Pricing: £93+

Where to Buy:

7. Naja

Naja / Via Twitter: @naja

Two percent of every Naja purchase goes toward supporting their entrepreneurial sewing program for women through local foundations. They also employ single mothers through Underwear for Hope.

Pricing: $11+

Where to Buy:

8. Wacoal

@wacoalamerica / Via

Wacoal's all about making beautiful lingerie that actually fits and feels right. Plus, its Fit for a Cure program helps to raise awareness about breast cancer with complimentary fittings around the country.

Pricing: $16+

Where to Buy:

9. Chrysalis Lingerie

Chrysalis lingerie was created specifically for the women of the transgender community and it's beautiful AF.

Pricing: $85+

Where to Buy:

10. Dear Kate

@Dearkates / Via

Dear Kate's underwear is built to keep up with periods, sweat, stains, and anything else a woman's body will throw at her on the reg.

Pricing: $32+

Where to Buy:

11. Hips & Curves

@hipsandcurves / Via

Hips & Curves makes lingerie and sleepwear for plus-size women that ranges from sweet AF to really, really ~sensual.~

Pricing: $4.98+

Where to Buy:

12. You! Lingerie

@You_Lingerie / Via

You! Lingerie makes maternity undergarments that convert into breastfeeding bras by unhooking the cup. Not to mention they're frigging beautiful.

Pricing: $15+

Where to Buy:

13. Brook There

@brookthere / Via

Brook There's undergarments are made of sustainable and organic fabrics made to last, and they're all designed and constructed in America.

Pricing: $28+

Where to Buy:

14. Play Out Underwear

@Playoutnyc / Via

Play Out underwear is gender neutral, designed with the idea of allowing people to break out of the constrictive gender binary.

Pricing: $24+

Where to Buy:

15. Marie Yat

@_marieyat_ / Via

The minimalist lingerie at Marie Yat is seamless, chic, and unisex. Its online store is coming soon.

Pricing: £26+

Where to Buy: coming soon.

16. Clare Bare

@Clarebarexo / Via

Clare Bare produces handmade, eco-friendly lingerie that's a mix of vintage and modern styles.

Pricing: $24+

Where to Buy:

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Ryan Pattie / Via BuzzFeed

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