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14 Life-Changing Beauty Products For People Who Are Lazy AF

Look like you gave a shit without really giving a shit.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Nails Inc. Spray-On Nail Polish will give you the fastest manicure you've ever done.

@karikachinskebrandt / Via

It works like a spray paint. You spray your fingers with the can then wash your hands to get the excess color off of your skin, then finish with a clear top coat. Easy AF.

Get it here for $12.

2. Use this Clean-Up Pencil from Nudestix to completely remove excess makeup — like the mascara that's smudged into a hazy dark circle under your eye.

Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed

The pencil works like a crayon, only instead of putting color onto your face, makeup is removed in targeted spots. You just have to draw over stray makeup with the pencil and it will come right off.

Get the pencil and sharpener here for $24.

3. This Glov makeup remover towel will make you want to take off your makeup every night. Just use water and your makeup comes off in seconds.

And clean the towel with a bar of soap after you use it to keep it fresh. One Glov lasts for about three months.

Get it here for $12.99.

4. Surprise! Use Weleda Diaper Rash Cream to help with skin rashes and acne.


Diaper rash cream obviously soothes rashes on baby's lil' butt, and it works similarly on adult skin. Talk to your dermatologist and try it as a spot treatment on acne. This writer says it cleared up her bacne within a week.

Get it here for $8.45.

5. L'Oréal Root Cover Up will cover grays or grown-out roots in between hair salon visits.

@themakeupnut / Via

It's a tiny aerosol spray can that deposits temporary color onto your hair to cover up roots or grays. Wash it out at the end of the day! It comes in six different shades.

Get it here for $9.47.

6. Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel acts as a mattifying makeup primer (besides just being a godsend for chub rub).

http://@rifa.d.juan / Via

Monistat's Chafing Gel is a highly reviewed product on as a drugstore dupe for Benefit's Porefessional makeup primer. If you've got sensitive skin, have a chat with your dermatologist, then try this as a base layer before makeup to keep oily skin looking matte all day.

Get it here for $8.25.

7. Readybath Complete Wipes come in handy when you don't exactly have time for a shower...or when you just don't want to take one.

@cfs_lifestyletips / Via

There's no shame in being too busy to shower. WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE. These wipes are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. Use them as an in-between when you're in dire circumstances.

Get a pack of 30 wipes here for $34.99.

8. Maybelline Master Conceal gives you super-pigmented coverage of dark circles and blemishes.

LaBella Jazmine / Via

Use this liquid concealer on tired eyes, pimples, and redness on your face. Check out this video for a full tutorial.

Get it here for $7.59.

9. Flower Beauty Lip and Cheek Chubby adds color to your lips and cheeks with only one product.

@integralady05 / Via

Drew Barrymore's line of makeup, Flower Beauty, is surprisingly long-lasting, and this particular product comes in five different shades. Swipe it onto your cheeks and blend for blush or apply it directly to your lips as lipstick. It's completely user-friendly.

Get it here for $9.98.

10. Orly Flash Dry Drops make your nail polish dry way faster and last way longer.

http://@lakky.nail72 / Via

Right after you paint your nails, use two drops on each nail and they'll be dry faster. Plus, the drops act like a second strong top coat, so the polish lasts longer without chipping.

Get it here for $9.

11. Earth Theraputics Soothing Beauty Mask will help you chill the fuck out.

@carlssroxx / Via

If you have a headache or a load of stress or anything, whipping this mask out of the freezer and wearing it for 30 minutes helps DRAMATICALLY. Also, it's better than using cold tea bags to help eye swelling go down.

Get it here for $6.99.

12. Keep Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer in your shower for the smoothest skin in the laziest possible way.

Use it when you're done showering but while your skin is still damp, then just towel off and live your damn life with supple skin.

Get it here for $5.57.

13. This Volume Colourist mascara from Rimmel has caramel in the formula, so it will tint your natural eyelashes over time, meaning you might stop wearing mascara all together!

The brand claims the mascara tints lashes in as little as two weeks with daily use.

Get it here for $8.99.

14. These little face-mask pods from H&M come in a bunch of different formulas for whatever your skin-care concern may be.

Just pick them up when you're on your weekly visit.

Get them here for $3.99 each.