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Amy Schumer Thanking Her Smokey Eye At The Emmys Is All Of Us

"To the girl who gave me this smokey eye, thank you."

First, Amy Schumer showed up at the Emmys and presented an award alongside Amy Poehler.

And then Inside Amy Schumer won Best Variety Sketch Series and Amy accepted a much-deserved award.

She didn't have a speech prepared, but she was killing it with her off the cuff remarks.

Then, the most magical thing happened. Amy thanked her makeup artist for her smokey eye, because Amy is all of us.

Everyone started freaking out.

"Thanks to the girl who gave me this sort of smokey eye...I love it." - @amyschumer #Emmys

Because her smokey eye was worthy of that praise.

I too want to thank the person who gave Amy Schumer that smokey eye. #Emmys

Her makeup artist matters.

Kudos to Amy Schumer for her acceptance speech and thanking the girl who gave her her smokey eye. #emmys

And everyone knows a good smokey eye goes a long way.

Amy Schumer smokey eye shout out. THE REALEST <3 #Emmys

Tonight, Amy AND her smokey eye won.

@amyschumer and the Smokey Eye win! #Emmys