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    19 Vintage Photos Of Sean Connery That Will Make You Thirsty AF

    007, seven, seven, seven, SEVEN.

    1. You may be familiar with Sean Connery, known to some as James Bond. But he is SO MUCH MORE.

    2. ZAMN, ZADDY.

    3. Sean Connery is a gentleman and a scholar.

    4. Look at that concentration!

    5. He knows how to relax whilst wearing a button-down shirt.

    6. "Hey beautiful, come inside. I've got a glass of Sauvignon Blanc calling your name."

    7. "Don't cry, bae. Just look into my eyes and know everything is all right."

    8. They don't make 'em like this anymore.

    9. What's that? You want a golfing buddy? Found one.

    10. The man knows how to swing.

    11. Or hey, if you're more into horseback riding, Sean can take the reins there, too.

    12. *fanning myself*

    13. Here he is with the Sean Conner-beard.

    14. But you know what? He looks just as sexy with a smoother-than-a-baby's-ass shave.

    15. Here's that handsome visage in color:

    16. How can you not love a man who's having this much fun on a boat?

    17. Just in case you needed to up your thirst:

    18. I MEAN.

    19. Bless you, Sean Connery, and your beautiful, majestic face.