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    19 Signs You're A Grandma Stuck In The Body Of A Twentysomething

    Age ain't nothing but a number.

    1. Your vision board looks like this.

    Advanced Style / Via

    Like wine, style just gets better with age.

    2. You completely lose your shit when this lands in your inbox.

    3. But you actually wish this store existed.

    Society 6 / Via

    A magical land where you can buy a good pair of mules for $27.80!

    4. You secretly love wearing stockings.

    5. And your heel height would never pass this point.

    Drew Shoe / Via

    You're not trying to have back problems down the line.

    6. Now you're wondering why you haven't invested in a foot massager.

    7. When it comes to fitness, the Silver Sneakers class practically has your name on it.

    8. And you wouldn't mind grabbing an early bird dinner special with this guy after the gym.

    9. Basically, you're just counting the days until this is you.

    10. And you're praying AARP will start sending you mailers soon.

    11. If you could start using meatballs as currency, you totally would.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    12. In fact, you'd pay about 12 meatballs for this pillow.

    Joanie's Favorite Thing / Via

    Because you've already named your apartment "Grandma's."

    13. You don't even think twice about turning down plans on a Friday night to watch Jessica Fletcher solve crimes.

    CBS / Via

    It's like murders follow her around, you guys!

    14. But if you are going out, you're not going anywhere without your needles.

    IceCreamTees / Via

    15. Except maybe to Bingo Night.

    16. After a crazy game of Four Corners, you wind down with this.

    17. And while your friends are all freaking out over turning 30, you're happy to be just one step closer to triple digits.

    18. Because it doesn't get much better than being a grandma.

    19. And you're just living your best life now.

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