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19 Signs You're A Grandma Stuck In The Body Of A Twentysomething

Age ain't nothing but a number.

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2. You completely lose your shit when this lands in your inbox.

45% off expensive skirt suits? YES, PLEASE.

4. You secretly love wearing stockings.

Your legs are warmer! And you don't need to shave! And you get no blisters! Why did we ever stop wearing these things?


6. Now you're wondering why you haven't invested in a foot massager.

For when your dogs are barking.

7. When it comes to fitness, the Silver Sneakers class practically has your name on it.

Damn the age requirements!

8. And you wouldn't mind grabbing an early bird dinner special with this guy after the gym.

Table for two, please.


9. Basically, you're just counting the days until this is you.

That Senior French Toast Slam isn't going to eat itself.

10. And you're praying AARP will start sending you mailers soon.

15. Except maybe to Bingo Night.

You're busy every Wednesday at 5 p.m.

16. After a crazy game of Four Corners, you wind down with this.

Night cap, anyone?


17. And while your friends are all freaking out over turning 30, you're happy to be just one step closer to triple digits.

Are ya one? Are ya two? Are ya ONE HUNDRED?!

18. Because it doesn't get much better than being a grandma.

19. And you're just living your best life now.

Getting in as many good grandma years as possible.