17 Genius Ways To Make Thin Hair Look Seriously Thick

    Go thick or go home.

    First off, there are a few things you need to avoid.

    1. Pinterest is going to tell you to use coconut oil. Don't do it if you have thin hair.

    2. Steer clear of shampoos with ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate.

    3. Take major precautions against over-drying your hair.

    4. Don't overdo your hair color.

    5. And say good-bye to the super long hair.

    Now pay attention to what you fine, fine-haired people should be doing for thick, thick hair.

    6. Pantogar Specific Treatment For Hair And Nails really works.

    7. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, embrace the texture.

    8. Up your braid thickness with the pancaking technique.

    9. Mousse will give you instant thickness. Here's the right way to apply the product.

    10. Choose a style without a defined part.

    11. Or, flip your part and style your hair on the opposite side from where your part usually falls.

    12. Bumb up the base of your ponytail with bobby pins.

    13. Use colored hair powder.

    14. While you're getting ready to go out, use just two or three velcro rollers at the crown of your head.

    15. Use dry shampoo at night, not in the morning.

    16. Ask for layers.

    17. Dry texturizing spray will basically change your life. Here's how to use it:

    Next, take a fine tooth comb and backcomb those sections just a teeny bit.

    Then, just use your fingers to go through your (now thick!) hair to get it to look just the way you want.

    Then, once you've learned all these tips, sit back and enjoy your mane.