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17 Ridiculously Cute Ways To Cover Yourself In Pizza

You know you want a pizza this.

1. Slide this tiny slice onto your finger.

Rock N Rose / Via

Get it here.

2. Or wear this minimalistic pizza around your neck.

Jezie Jewelry / Via

Pick up the pizza necklace here.

3. Don this adorable little ring.

Jaclyn Emma Seabrook / Via

Get your pizza ring here.

4. Place these little pieces on your lobes.

Bite Size Minatures / Via

Get 'em here.

Here's what they look like on:

Bite Size Minatures / Via

5. Or go for a more ~edgy~ (aka drippy) version.

Sparkle Bombb / Via

Buy them here.

6. Place these clips on your collar.

Hey Kitsch Kitty / Via

Get the clips here.

7. Slip this goth piece of pizza onto your finger.

BigLolaShop / Via

Get the black pizza of your dreams here.

8. Wear your heart on your wrist.

MandarrCreations / Via

Available here.

9. Place these dainty little studs on your ears.

RachelOs / Via

Get them here.

10. Don these pizza and beer cufflinks on ~special occasions~.

SkeletonsTreasures / Via

Get the cufflinks here.

11. Show off this cheesy trifecta.

NerdThatDraws / Via

Buy it here.

12. You know you want this fly AF ring.

13. Wear your love of cheese proudly.

Supah / Via

Get it here.

14. Keep things classy with this lucite slice.

Lanapussjewellry / Via

Get it here.

15. Hold back your hair with some pretty pepperoni.

Mancornas / Via

Get it here.

16. Dress up your Apple Watch with this pizza strap.

KessInHouse / Via

Get the strap here. (Apple watch not included.)

17. You should probably just wear this on your ring finger because we all know you want to marry pizza.

NoKitchenSink / Via

Get it here.

NBC / Via