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17 Ridiculously Cute Ways To Cover Yourself In Pizza

You know you want a pizza this.

1. Slide this tiny slice onto your finger.

2. Or wear this minimalistic pizza around your neck.

3. Don this adorable little ring.

4. Place these little pieces on your lobes.

Here's what they look like on:

5. Or go for a more ~edgy~ (aka drippy) version.

6. Place these clips on your collar.

7. Slip this goth piece of pizza onto your finger.

8. Wear your heart on your wrist.

9. Place these dainty little studs on your ears.

10. Don these pizza and beer cufflinks on ~special occasions~.

11. Show off this cheesy trifecta.

12. You know you want this fly AF ring.

13. Wear your love of cheese proudly.

14. Keep things classy with this lucite slice.

15. Hold back your hair with some pretty pepperoni.

16. Dress up your Apple Watch with this pizza strap.

17. You should probably just wear this on your ring finger because we all know you want to marry pizza.