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17 Satisfying Ways To Clean Everything In Your Makeup Bag

So fresh. So clean.

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1. Empty out your makeup bag, flip it inside out, and use makeup remover wipes to clean the inside.

Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed

Or, if you have a cloth makeup bag, empty and flip it inside out, then stick it in the washing machine with your dark clothing.


12. Use alcohol and a cotton swab to disinfect all of your metal nail tools.

Scissors, metal files, cuticle nippers, anything. Make sure to clean them regularly to avoid infection. Steer clear of sharing nail tools with others, too.

15. Loosen hair stuck your brush with a pen, then go in with scissors to cut through and release the rest of the hair.

When you're done getting all of that hair out, use some shampoo on your brush to really make it clean.

16. Grab a piece of steel wool and get all of that old gunk off of your curling iron.

Adventures of a DIY mom. / Via

Only use steel wool without soap, though. You can do the same with a flat iron. See the complete tutorial here.