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    17 Satisfying Ways To Clean Everything In Your Makeup Bag

    So fresh. So clean.

    1. Empty out your makeup bag, flip it inside out, and use makeup remover wipes to clean the inside.

    2. Get all of the gunk off of your eyelash curler with a lighter.

    3. Put your lipstick in the freezer overnight to kill germs and bacteria.

    4. Or, go over your lipstick with a cosmetic sanitizer wipe.

    5. Mix baby shampoo and hydrogen peroxide with water. Unclip the brush from your Clarisonic, and let it sit brush-side down in the water for 15 minutes.

    6. Use isopropyl alcohol and a disposable mascara wand to clean glue off of false eyelashes.

    7. Pour alcohol into a small spray bottle, then spritz any pressed powder cosmetics you have to disinfect them.

    8. Use a cotton pad and isopropyl alcohol to disinfect your disposable razor.

    9. Swirl your makeup brushes in a DIY mixture of dish soap and olive oil for a like-new feel.

    10. Use solid or liquid soap on your sponges at least once a week to keep them bacteria-free.

    11. Clean out your pencil sharpener with some isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab.

    12. Use alcohol and a cotton swab to disinfect all of your metal nail tools.

    13. Get rid of scum on your loofah by tossing it in the washing machine — but not the dryer.

    14. Use an old toothbrush to get rid of the dust in the back of your blow dryer.

    15. Loosen hair stuck your brush with a pen, then go in with scissors to cut through and release the rest of the hair.

    16. Grab a piece of steel wool and get all of that old gunk off of your curling iron.

    17. And lastly, know when it's time to throw away the products in your makeup bag.