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17 Beauty "Rules" That Need To Sit The Hell Down

Because you can wear whatever you want to wear.

1. "Don't wear red lipstick AND heavy eye makeup. Choose one."

2. "Blue eyeshadow belongs in the '80s, not on your face."

3. "Cover up gray hair the minute you start to see it."

4. "Pick one makeup color and stick to it."

5. "Girls with curly hair shouldn't get bangs."

6. "Redheads shouldn't wear red lipstick."

7. "Glitter doesn't belong on your face."

8. "Stick with a classic French manicure."

9. "And you should always match your manicure to your pedicure."

10. "False eyelashes should only come out at night."

11. "Nails should be short and square."

12. "Frosted lipstick belongs in the '90s."

13. "Your eyebrows should match your hair color."

14. "Don't let your roots grow out without coloring them."

15. "Never wear mascara on your bottom lashes."

16. "Men shouldn't wear makeup."

17. "Older women should keep their look conservative."