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14 Lipstick Tricks For People Who Can't Make Sense Of Makeup

Mother pucker.

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1. Lick the rim of your glass before you drink out of it to avoid the lipstick stain that always happens.

6. You can also use clear lip liner around the edges of your color so the lipstick won't bleed around the edges of your mouth.

My Highest Self / Via myhighestselfblog.com

It acts like a little moat around your lips and it's awesome. Try the Urban Decay clear liner for $20 or the Milani version for $4.49.

7. Wearing a bright lipstick doesn't mean you can't wear bright eye makeup, too.

That Igbo Chick / Via thatigbochick.com

You can ease into the look with complimentary colors on your lips and eyes so make the look more cohesive.

9. Use a sealant like Rimmel Lipstick Lock over your color and it'll stay in place basically forever.*

@danielleemorgaan / Via instagram.com

*Maybe not forever, but for a very, very long time.

You can get Lipstick Lock here for $9.40.

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