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13 Ways To Deal With Hot, Sweaty Thighs During The Summer

Just say no to chub rub.

Summer means one thing: chub rub.

But take comfort, chafe sufferers, for there are solutions to our problem.

1. Rub some Fresh Balls onto any area that's been chafing hard.

2. Get yourself a pair of bike shorts with built-in rash guards.

3. Shake some Anti-Monkey Butt on your skin to stop the chafe.

4. Use Body Glide between your thighs before exercising.

5. Wear this moisture-wicking underwear to stop any top-down sweat action.

6. People swear by using Monistat Chafing Relief Gel to combat chub rub.

7. Use these thigh bands under skirts or dresses.

8. Take a cue from cyclists and use Chamois Butt'r.

9. Or steal this secret from runners and use 2Toms Liquid Roll-On.

10. Slip into a pair of cotton, long-legged boxer briefs.

11. Swipe your deodorant onto your inner thighs.

12. Get friendly with a pair of Thigh Society anti-chafing shorts.

13. If you're already scorned from chub rub, use bacitracin ointment on the area to help it heal.

And remember: