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11 People Who Proved The Transformational Power Of Makeup In 2015

It's more than lipstick.

1. NikkieTutorials made her Power of Makeup video to prove how powerful cosmetics can really be.

NikkieTutorials / Via

Nikkie kept hearing from girls who were ashamed to say they loved makeup, so she made a video using makeup on half her face to show the difference. “There are no rules to makeup, and makeup is there for days when you want to look hella good,” Nikkie said.

You can watch the full video here.

2. Kandee Johnson, KWEEN of YouTube makeup tutorials, made herself into a Barbie and it's almost impossible to tell them apart.

Kandee Johnson / Via

Watch the entire video here.

3. Cheri Lindsay has vitiligo and has openly shared her journey with the skin condition. Her makeup tutorial on choosing to use makeup to even out her skin tone empowering as hell.

Cheri Lindsay / Via

The video isn't about covering up your skin; it's about allowing yourself to be whatever you want to be.

Watch the full video here.

4. Bella Delune made clown contouring happen, prompting basically everyone on the Internet recreate the look for themselves to see if it actually worked. Spoiler: It did.

@belladelune / Via Instagram: @belladelune

You can see more of her beauty looks here.

5. Makeup artist/genius Paolo Ballesteros has become famous for his insane makeovers, especially his Kardashian-Jenner transformations.

@pochoy_29 / Via Instagram: @pochoy_29

You can see more from him here.

6. Lisa Eldridge, one of the most accomplished makeup artists in the world, made this video to demonstrate how much beauty ideals have changed throughout history.

Lisa Eldridge / Via

She gives a history lesson during each look and it's SPOT ON.

Watch the full video here.

7. And WatchCut's 100 Years of Beauty series shows exactly how hair and makeup have evolved over the last century.

WatchCut / Via

See all of the videos in the series here.

8. Em Ford of "My Pale Skin" started receiving hateful comments on her bare face at the same time that she was getting lovely comments about her face with makeup, so she made this video to prove a point about perception.

@mypaleskinblog / Via Instagram: @mypaleskinblog

Her video "You Look Disgusting" shows just how much makeup can change someone's attitude about a person.

You can watch the video here.

9. Rebecca Swift, a pro makeup artist, built a brand on making herself over into fictional characters. Her wide range of looks is mind-blowing.

Rebecca Swift / Via Instagram: @rebeccaroaming

See more of her looks here.

10. Nina Mohan asked five makeup artists at different counters to give her glam makeovers to see how differently cosmetics are perceived, particularly for women of color.

Charlotte Gomez / Via BuzzFeed

She said, "When you’re a woman of color, it’s hard enough matching your skin tone to a foundation without having to mix (and therefore buy) two colors. Ultimately, we shouldn’t shy away from demanding what we want, even if it’s as simple as bright lips and silver eyeshadow."

You can see her entire experience here.

11. And Promise Phan has used makeup and costumes to become 15 Disney characters and it's INSANE.

Promise Phan / Via

See more of her videos here.

YASSS makeup!

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