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The “Living Single” Drinking Game

Binging addicts rejoice! Not that long ago Hulu added “Living Single” the complete series and its almost impossible to stop watching. Its the ultimate 90s receipe for greatness. Colorful fashion, tons of celeb cameos, and non stop pop culture references. After watching them all I have created a very turnt up drinking game, enjoy!

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Take a shot when Khadijah says “Bleep This”


Take a shot when Synclaire goes “Woo Woo!”


Take a shot when Khadijah says “Set It Off”

Take a shot when a famous guest star appears

Overton calls Synclaire a Pet Name

When Max and Kyle Flirt

When Max and Kyle Argue

When Regine does anything boujee


When Regine says “Smooches!”

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