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    Updated on Oct 10, 2019. Posted on Sep 30, 2018

    19 Teachers Who Are Serious Experts At This Whole "School" Thing

    We should all bow down.

    1. This teacher who better have won best costume:

    ginger-king / Via

    2. This teacher who knew exactly how to get students' attention:

    swegspeare / Via

    3. This teacher who answered 85% of the questions in his class by wearing this shirt:

    thepakman47 / Via

    4. This teacher who decided to rickroll his students before their final:

    5. This teacher who started categorizing blackmail, death threats, death wishes from students, and other job offers on their computer:

    nick51417 / Via

    6. This teacher who created a next-level bathroom pass:

    bad_trip_ / Via

    "I am missing important educational information because I have to tinkle. This security officer will make sure that I make it back to Ms. Perez/Puschkin's class."

    7. This science teacher who became an ace meme creator:

    my physics prof's memes are improving every week

    8. This teacher who ensured academic integrity by projecting his watchful eyes on the whiteboard:

    ecd4517 / Via

    9. This teacher who decided to dress up for science:

    dealsupreme / Via

    10. And this teacher who also decided to dress up for science, but took a different route:

    thedoomofdeath / Via

    11. This teacher who used AirDrop to catch students red-handed:

    I snuck out my phone during lecture and immediately received this ... cue the x files theme

    yungscott / Via

    12. This teacher who took Padawan training seriously:

    adambrukirer / Via

    13. This teacher who just wanted to make sure you recognized him:

    thepkmncenter / Via

    14. This teacher who got very creative to make sure everyone read the plagiarism policy:

    terreldactyl / Via

    "I know that I need to draw a dragon at the bottom of this page to show that I have read and understand the plagiarism policy."

    15. This teacher who saved a special spot for your overdue homework:

    mrmegagamerz / Via

    16. This teacher who tested his theorem with a "hands-on" approach:

    spotlightmaster / Via

    17. This teacher who was just waiting for the right question:

    cvcars / Via

    18. This teacher who gave a big ol' middle finger to office hours:

    baked_potato17 / Via

    19. And this teacher who went to extreme lengths to troll Jerry and Robby:

    harrisl147 / Via

    "Sit quietly at your desk for a few minutes, get up, say, 'That was easy,' and turn in your quiz. Do not say anything to Jerry and Robby."

    H/T r/funny

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