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    17 Pictures You’ll Only Get If You And Your Best Friend Both Love Food

    Can I have some?

    1. You and your friend always bond over food. That's a fact.

    2. Which is why you jump at every opportunity to go out with them...

    stability / Via

    3. ...even though it's hard for you both to decide on a restaurant.

    New Line Cinema / meanplastic / Via Twitter: @meanpIastic

    4. But, when you do decide on somewhere to go, that place had better be ready.

    5. Because you guys chow down and think nothing of it.

    6. Like, seriously, it's a "no judgement" zone.

    7. Your friend knows that you'll happily help them finish their meal.

    8. Though, honestly, both of you know that you're helping whether they like it or not.

    9. And they expect nothing in return.

    10. Sometimes, you don't even have to eat out to have food with them. You can just buy each other snacks at the grocery store.

    11. Or raid each other's kitchen cabinets.

    12. Which means diets don't work too well.

    13. And not eating with you is the second worst thing your friend can do.

    14. The first, of course, is eating without you.

    15. Because you both know that wherever...

    Told my friend I was hungry, he said......"where you at, I can bring you something to eat"

    donj0rdan / Via Twitter: @DonJ0rdan

    16. ...and whenever...

    17. ...You guys are always down to bond over food.