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    17 Animals Who Found Themselves In Unbelievably Strange Circumstances

    It's not their fault.

    1. This raccoon, who overdid it on the trash.

    ricardusalpert / Via

    2. This dog, who isn't psyched about his new role as a sommelier's assistant.

    gallowboob / Via

    3. This pufferfish, who's saying, "It literally would be me who gets caught in a bubble vortex."

    Smithsonian Channel / Via

    4. This dog, who doesn't understand why giant black and white beasts are licking him.

    gallowboob / Via

    5. This cat, who I'm pretty sure isn't a hat.

    renoredhead / Via

    6. This dog, who, despite not knowing how he got there, feels like John Wayne, and he's not mad.

    gallowboob / Via

    7. This bird, who's wondering why he's getting hate mail.

    gdisasters / Via

    8. This dog, who does not understand the point of this exercise.

    gallowboob / Via

    9. This cat, who is now a sock.

    sariel007 / Via

    10. This cat, who is now a pole.

    strawgoh26 / Via

    11. This cat, who is now a sofa.

    killerbunnyfamily / Via

    12. This cow, who just had a wild night.

    CaptEduardoDelMango / Via

    13. This alligator, who really should've called a professional instead of trying to fix it himself.

    unmmi69 / Via

    14. This cat, who didn't calculate its jump correctly.

    the_dirty_sanchez / Via

    15. This woodchuck, who went through great lengths to chuck the wood.

    ms_farmer / Via

    16. This polar bear, who I think might have underestimated the power of his fancy hat.

    wsgy111 / Via

    17. And finally, this butt. Who knows where it was going?

    wsgy111 / Via

    H/T r/thisismylifenow

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