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21 People Confessed The "Wrong" Ways They Like Food Prepared, And I Just Want To Know If You Agree With Them

"I like pizza to have tons of sauce. Like, objectively too much sauce. I want the toppings practically floating."

Recently, u/lmaosmh started a thread on r/Cooking that intrigued me at first, but the further I read, the more horrified I was at people's takes on food. The question was, "I prefer my pasta noodles slightly overcooked. What are some things that are 'wrong' that you prefer over how they're supposed to be done?" Let's see how many of these very controversial food opinions you agree with.

1. First off, let's start with u/lmaosmh's take: "I prefer my pasta noodles slightly overcooked."

2. "'Cook onions until translucent' — I will be cooking my onions 10 minutes past translucent, thank you."


3. "Making spicy dishes hot enough to punish my butt. I really shouldn’t, but I do it anyway."


4. "I love crunchy cereal. Soggy cereal is the WORST. So I often will take out two glasses when I want cereal — one to fill with milk and another with cereal (because it’s easier to fit in the dishwasher than a bowl). Then I put one biteful of cereal into the glass of milk."


5. "Instant ramen not made into a soup. Just cooked noodles and the flavor packet coating the noodles."


6. "I like my hot dogs slightly over-grilled — that crispy skin, omg."


7. "I like my oatmeal almost 'solid,' like a cookie, rather than 'creamy' or 'liquid.' Put some maple butter and brown sugar on it, maybe slice a fresh nectarine if it's summertime, and you basically have a fruit crumble."


8. "I love roasted veggies way overcooked. My ideal doneness is slightly burnt on the outside and caramelized mush on the inside."


9. "I like my steak medium rare but burger patties crispy and slightly overcooked."


10. "I like lumpy mashed potatoes."


11. "Pouring sauce over pasta instead of mixing it in a pan. I have eaten spaghetti with red/meat sauce this way since I was a kid. It's my favorite dish, and I like deciding how much sauce to eat with each bite."


12. "I like burnt toast."


13. "I like my bananas a little green and tart."


14. "OK, my dark culinary secret is...I like my chicken on the dry side. Well-seasoned but dry chicken breast (pan-fried) is a dish I sometimes 'treat' myself to. Because I can't serve it that way to my family. I pair it with mashed potatoes and some vegetables. No sauce except for a little butter."


15. "Also, peanut butter on toast is way better when the toast is blackened. Reminds me of camping breakfasts when you're just thankful to have anything at all. :)"


16. "Burnt bacon. No rubbery BS here, thank you."


17. "Pork ribs. That whole 'should be a bite' nonsense is absolute nonsense."


18. "I like my scrambled eggs dry."


19. "I like pizza to have tons of sauce. Like, objectively too much sauce. I want the toppings practically floating."


20. "I kinda prefer my fries (or chips, as we say in Australia) a little bit flaccid as opposed to crispy."


21. Finally, "I prefer my pizza room temperature or cold. As soon as I get home from picking it up or taking it out of the oven, into the freezer it goes."


Got a hot take about food prep? Tell us in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.