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Tell Me A Travel Hack That You Think Only You Do

It's time to impart your wisdom.

Whenever I go on a plane ride, I wear sandals and put a pair of fuzzy socks in my purse. That way, my shoes are easy to slip on and off in security, and then I can put my fuzzy socks on during the plane ride since my toes always get cold.

close up of someone in socks

When I told my sister this during a trip, she looked at me with that Pikachu face and asked me if I could pack her a pair of socks, too.

close up of Pikachu

That led me to think...what are some travel hacks that you think only you do?

Do you save your boarding pass as your phone screen's wallpaper so you can save battery and don't have to constantly navigate to a specific app when you forget the gate you're supposed to be at?

boarding pass on someone's phone

Do you pack a reusable water bottle for your trip so wherever you go, you can fill it up for free?

water bottle on the ground next to someone

Or do you always tell other travelers the international emergency phone numbers since you don't think a whole lot of people know them?

close up of a siren

What are the little things you do that make travel more convenient, more seamless, and more fun? Share with us in the comments below for your chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!