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    22 Bizarrely True Facts That Sound Totally And Completely Fake

    Sounds fake...but OK.

    1. If you hold in your farts long enough, the gas can be re-absorbed and come out of your mouth.


    The best way to deal with gas is to expel it.

    2. You're bioluminescent.


    That's right, you glow. The light just isn't perceptible to the human eye.

    3. Luffas are actually edible vegetables.

    Joff Lee / Getty Images, Umdash9 / Getty Images

    They're part of the squash family.

    4. Demodex, the mites that live on your face, have no anus. They release a lifetime of poop on your face when they die.

    A close-up image of Demodex mites

    Though they vary in quantity by individual, studies show that the DNA from these mites is present on the majority of faces.

    5. Adding salt to pineapple makes it taste sweeter.

    Kunnapat Jitjumsri / Getty Images

    This works because it suppresses the bitterness in the pineapple.

    6. You are 10 times more likely to get bit by a New Yorker than a shark.

    Comedy Central

    You're also more likely to get bit by a New Yorker than you are a rat in New York.

    7. Fir trees can grow in human lungs.

    An image of lungs, but half looks like a lung and half looks like a tree
    Surasak Suwanmake / Getty Images

    A 28-year-old patient named Artyom Sidorkin reportedly inhaled the seed of a fir tree, which had sprouted and grown in his lung. Doctors thought they were dealing with a tumor and were stunned when they made the discovery.

    8. Your heartbeat will sync to the rhythm of the music that you're listening to.

    New Line Cinema

    A study showed that crescendos led to a temporary increase in blood pressure and heart rate, which went back down during the decrescendo.

    9. The air you breathe in a train station is 15% human skin.

    Andrew Holt / Getty Images

    If you think leaving a train station will save you from inhaling skin, just know that about 80% of the floating specs you see in a sun beam are also skin.

    10. Peaches and nectarines are the same fruit.

    Sanny11 / Getty Images, Sneska / Getty Images

    A recessive gene can prevent them from being fuzzy and that's what makes the difference.

    11. Mosquitoes can smell which blood type you are.


    They're twice as likely to bite someone who is Type O as opposed to Type A.

    12. And they pee on you when they suck your blood.


    They need to expel fluids while they feed.

    13. Last one about bugs, I swear: Some moths drink human blood.


    Vampire moths feed on the blood of mammals, including humans. They can suck blood for up to 50 minutes.

    14. If you play music to a cheese wheel, the tunes will affect its flavor. Cheese wheels have the strongest flavor when they've listened to hip-hop.


    In a 2019 study that played classical, rock, electronic, and hip-hop to cheese wheels, the hip-hop wheel had a stronger flavor and aroma.

    15. Cocktails were invented so the fruit juice could mask the taste of dead animals in bootleg liquor.


    To re-create some signature spirit flavors like bourbon, bootleggers would add dead rats or rotten meat to moonshine.

    16. The white lines that divide the road on highways are about 10 feet long.


    Also, the space between each line is 30 feet.

    17. TV commercials emit a tone inaudible to the human ear that your smartphone picks up, letting advertisers know that both devices might belong to you.

    Jeffrey Coolidge / Getty Images, Wera Rodsawang / Getty Images

    This is one way in which advertisers work to deliver targeted ads to you.

    18. The average cloud weighs over a million pounds.


    By measuring the water inside the cloud in addition to the size of it, researchers can calculate the weight.

    19. Over 50% of pilots have admitted to falling asleep mid-flight.


    And of these pilots, 29% said that when they woke up, their copilot was asleep as well.

    20. Giraffes and humans have the same number of neckbones.


    Actually, all mammals do.

    21. If you unwind a roll of Scotch tape fast enough, it can "generate enough X-rays to image a human finger."


    You'd need to unwind the tape with a vacuum at three centimeters per second to generate that kind of power.

    22. Finally, humans almost went extinct 75,000 years ago.


    A supervolcano named Toba erupted and covered a huge chunk of the world in ash, blocking out the sun and making it hard for plants to grow.

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