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    18 Christmas Facts That You Didn't Know You Wanted To Know

    Santa was once as powerful as Thanos.

    1. In 2010, a goat farmer found that his goats produced more milk when they listened to "All I Want for Christmas is You."

    Arissu / Getty Images, Netflix

    Studies have been shown that goats make more milk when music is playing, so this just makes sense.

    2. Ralphie from A Christmas Story was an executive producer for Iron Man.

    MGM, Marvel

    He also made a cameo in the film!

    3. Artificial Christmas trees were invented by a toilet brush company.

    Liliboas / Getty Images, Stocksnapper / Getty Images

    And they aren't as environmentally friendly as real trees are.

    4. Santa Claus is one of the most powerful mutants in X-Men, and once wielded the Infinity Gauntlet to make his Christmas Eve deliveries.


    The power of the gauntlet made him corrupt, so naturally, he had to be stopped.

    5. In the song "12 Days of Christmas", the sum of all of the presents equals 364. That's a present every day of the year except for Christmas!

    Shelma1 / Getty Images

    Why someone would ever want 42 geese is beyond me.

    6. Santa gets lit in Ireland because it's tradition for kids to leave out a pint of Guinness instead of milk and cookies.

    Evelyn Sampaio / Getty Images

    Some Australians also leave Santa some booze (like a glass of sherry or wine).

    7. It used to be a criminal offense to celebrate Christmas in Boston.

    Aijohn784 / Getty Images, Choreograph / Getty Images

    They were subject to a five-shilling fine when Christmas was banned in Massachusetts from 1647-1660.

    8. Elephants eat Christmas trees.

    Bernd Thissen / AFP / Getty Images

    It's a healthy snack that helps them clean their teeth.

    9. KFC is so popular for Christmas dinner in Japan that people have to pre-order their dinners or face long lines to get their chicken.

    Moses Robinson / Getty Images

    It gained popularity after a successful advetising campaign nearly 40 years ago.

    10. How the Grinch Stole Christmas has an prequel called Halloween is Grinch Night.

    DePatie-Freleng Enterprises / Dr. Seuss Enterprises

    It won the Emmy for Outstanding Children's Program in 1978.

    11. There is a pill called "Father Christmas" that, when you take it, it makes your farts smell like chocolate.

    Ocskaymark / Getty Images, Id-art / Getty Images

    They also have a pill that makes your farts smell like roses.

    12. Monopoly opened up a hotline during the holidays to settle any game-based family disputes.

    Blue_cutler / Getty Images, Hasbro

    Hasbro also said that the main cause of Monopoly-based arguments are when people make up rules.

    13. Professional Santas can make up to $10,000 for 90 hours of public events.

    Rtimages / Getty Images

    One Santa said that, on Christmas, he charges $400-$600 for 30 minutes!

    14. Santa Claus ran for president in the U.S. 2008 and 2012 elections.

    Nwphotoguy / Getty Images

    He did not win.

    15. Conservationists found a 106-year-old fruitcake in Antarctica that was nearly edible.

    Subjug / Getty Images, Alexey_seafarer / Getty Images

    It was said to have been brought by Robert Falcon Scott during his 1910 expedition.

    16. However, that's not the oldest fruitcake. The oldest fruitcake is 137 years old and in Michigan.

    Fabiobalbi / Getty Images

    It was made by Fidelia Ford in 1878, who died before cutting it. Instead of eating the cake, the Ford family has been preserving it ever since.

    17. Reindeer can't walk and pee at the same time.

    Beewerks / Getty Images

    They actually can't walk farther than about six miles before they have to let go of the yellow flow. This is such common knowledge in reindeer regions that the Finnish use this six-mile distance as a unit of measurement.

    18. Santa Claus is an official Canadian citizen, who has his own zip code, "H0H 0H0"

    Tijana87 / Getty Images, Ilbusca / Getty Images

    If you write him at this address, he'll respond.


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