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    18 Travel Tips That Are So Genius, They're Borderline Cheating

    Because traveling is never not a headache.

    1. Get rid of that leftover foreign currency by just loading it on a Starbucks card.

    Travel Hack: put your remaining Canadian $ on your Starbucks card at the airport

    2. Bring a power strip to the airport to quickly charge all of your electronics with one outlet.

    3. Use a rope to secure your device onto the back of the seat in front of you. That way, you aren't craning your neck for the entire journey.

    4. Or use a plastic baggie to hang your phone from the tray clip on your plane ride.

    5. Carry dog poop bags, which are much more versatile than we're led to believe.

    Travel hack, especially with kids: bring a roll of dog poop bags to use as an instant garbage. Super small/portable & has saved us so many times!

    6. Use an airline blanket to secure your neck to sleep instead of using one of those expensive travel pillows.

    7. Convert your charger plug into a mini phone stand.

    TRAVEL LIFE HACK. iPhone plug doubles as a stand when watching films on trains and planes.

    8. Use a contact lens case to store moisturizer and lotion so you don't have to pack the whole bottle.

    9. Use your pillowcase as secret storage.

    Travel hack: a pillow doesn't count as a carry-on, so stuff a pillowcase with clothes to avoid checking a bag and paying fees.

    10. Keep things like pacifiers clean during the shuffle of traveling with a cheap plastic container.

    11. Save time and stress by distancing yourself from the airport before hailing a rideshare.

    Life hack: No uber pick up at the airport? Take a free hotel shuttle and call one from a nearby hotel!

    12. Take a picture of where your car is parked so you can find it easily when you return.

    13. Go incognito or clear cookies to get the best rates.

    Putting your browser on private when booking a flight will prevent the airline from tracking you cookies and you will get a cheaper flight

    14. Skip lines at the ticket agent and irate customers by calling the airline's number to reschedule your flight.

    15. Take a quick photo of your suitcase so in the unfortunate event it gets lost, the airline will have an easier time trying to track it down.

    16. Add a duplicate tag to the inside of your bag to help the airline get it back home to you.

    17. Get grocery shopping done from abroad to save your jet-lagged self from a trip to the store.

    My one and only travel hack: order groceries online before you get on the plane so they're delivered when you return home. Saves going to the supermarket sleep-deprived and jetlagged. Plus you always crave fresh produce after airplane food 👍 #home

    18. And use this little trick to make sure you have a decent meal to come home to.

    My favorite travel hack is making a big pot of something yummy before going on a trip and freezing half. Then you come home, tired, hungry, and no groceries. Suddenly you remember you have something delicious to heat up. :)