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24 Drivers Who Stopped Traffic With Their Vanity Plates

Thank goodness they're here to entertain us in traffic.

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1. This driver who's actually all of us all the time:

bookaliciouspam / Via Twitter: @BookaliciousPam

2. This driver who, let's face it, is probably Squidward Tentacles:

Megthesavage / Via Twitter: @MegTheSavage

3. This driver who has six times the self-confidence that I do:

blairsummit / Via Twitter: @blairsummit

4. This driver who is using their support for the Crimson Tide to their advantage:

Givemehumoryo / Via Twitter: @GiveMeHumorYo

5. This driver who doesn't need you to remind them what the time is:

hotcrackpipe / Via Twitter: @hotcrackpipe

6. This driver who is ready to call you out:

yasujiroozuvevo / Via Twitter: @YasujiroOzuVEVO

7. This driver who ~fianlly~ got what they wanted:

sweetlibrarian / Via Twitter: @sweetlibrarian

8. This driver who is probably Sonic the Hedgehog:

wasdthechannel / Via Twitter: @WASDthechannel

9. This driver, who is just so pure I can't even make a slightly sarcastic comment:

jeskalala / Via Twitter: @jeskalala

10. This driver who's going to make you question everything:

__R_A_M_O_N_A__ / Via Twitter: @__R_A_M_O_N_A__

11. This driver who's feeling their look:

bobby_griffith / Via Twitter: @bobby_griffith

12. This driver who's just trying to be brutally honest with you:

h0h0h0 / Via Twitter: @h0h0h0

13. I've got nothing for this one:

corypopp / Via Twitter: @CoryPopp

14. This driver who wants you to know how they feel about traffic:

20plusmodifier / Via Twitter: @d20plusmodifier

15. This driver who doesn't have time for rebel scum:

ringtailrock / Via Twitter: @ringtailrock

16. This driver, who is probably Snoop Dogg:

clueheywood / Via Twitter: @ClueHeywood

17. This driver who is giving human Shrek the homage he deserves:

Ohhitony / Via Twitter: @OhHiTony

18. This driver who is probably Buzz Lightyear:

msbehavior / Via Twitter: @MsBehavior

19. This driver who probably has exciting news for you:

buffalorude / Via Twitter: @BuffaloRude

20. This driver who has a message for you if you try to pass them:

vaboredwoolf / Via Twitter: @VABoredWoolf

21. This driver who has a message for you when they cut you off:

isaacdaniels11 / Via Twitter: @isaacdaniels11

22. This driver who is clearly calling attention to how wonderful your mother is:

bustedride / Via Twitter: @bustedride

23. Weren't you guys surprised we made it this far down the list without a poop one?

stevenbayshore / Via Twitter: @StevenBayShore

24. And finally, there's this driver who is vocalizing the struggle when it comes to red lights:

wordpuddle / Via Twitter: @wordpuddle