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17 Times Celebs Got Brutally Insulted On "Between Two Ferns"

I'm not as strong as these celebs.

1. When he delivered this devastating blow to Brad Pitt:

2. When he ended Michael Cera with one word:

3. When his question made Benedict Cumberbatch's jaw drop:

4. When he got stressed out because he didn't know how to interview someone so young:

5. When he accidentally mixed up the award that Bruce Willis won:

6. When he absolutely torched Jerry Seinfeld:

7. When he immediately made Hailee Steinfeld regret being on his show:

8. When he set himself up for this joke about Conan O'Brien:

9. When he suggested a name change for Jon Hamm:

10. And when he didn't stop with the naming jokes when Chance the Rapper came on:

11. When he was just trying to convince Steve Carell to do a normal interview:

12. When he exposed John Legend for who he truly was:

13. When he asked James Franco the real questions:

14. When he made Matthew McConaughey wish he'd never come on:

15. When he had Jon Hamm back on the show only to hit him with this:

16. When he was just trying to relate to Keanu Reeves:

17. And finally, when Zach Galifianakis himself wasn't even safe from a devastating blow: