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    19 Times Netflix Was 200% Funnier Than It Was Supposed To Be

    Suggestion for you because you watched Breaking Bad: Peppa Pig

    1. When they accidentally matched up the subtitles for Aziz Ansari's stand-up with a BBC nature program.

    benmeiri84 / Via

    2. When they didn't choose the best font for the title of the film Love in the Buff.

    whalecat_of_the_sea / Via

    3. When they glitched out and revealed Marie Kondo's drastic tidying up methods.

    Either there’s a @netflix glitch or @MarieKondo’s methods have escalated.

    4. When they wanted to pull a huge prank on people and make them watch The Fox and the Hound for a pick-me-up.

    Theomnihill / Via

    5. When the caption writer wrote this.

    paulski87 / Via

    6. When they invented a new genre that I didn't even know I wanted.

    jennifersalome / Via

    7. When they thought one of the most logical shows to watch after Breaking Bad was Peppa Pig.

    Toblabob / Via

    8. When they showed a brand-new side of Cruella de Vil.

    CarnivalTears / Via

    9. When they made Iron Fist call Sierra Burgess a loser.

    sailor1993 / Via

    10. When these two titles just so happened to land next to each other.

    Trichard3814 / Via

    11. When they showed that you can take the velociraptor tamer out of the movie, but you can't take the velociraptor tamer out of the man.

    hudgpop / Via

    12. When they reinvented the term "crossover."

    gidiggly / Via

    13. When they sent subliminal messages.

    AnnieB25 / Via

    14. When they gave Puss a new pair of boots.

    fwooooosh / Via

    15. When they captioned an episode like this.

    scalarr / Via

    16. When they accidentally mixed up the description for SpongeBob. TBH, I'd watch this episode though.

    mctoaster99 / Via

    17. And when they did the same thing for Bob's Burgers.

    Kirbikon / Via

    18. When they thought Ron Swanson was a strong female lead.

    dorria / Via

    19. And finally, when they proved that their customer service was second to none.

    tonypotenza / Via

    H/T r/funny

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