17 Of The Sassiest Responses From Companies On The Internet

    "Buddy, it's Saturday night and you're talking to a marshmallow sandwich on the internet."

    1. When Microsoft told it like it was.

    2. When GameStop went in for the kill.

    3. When MoonPie put this guy in check.

    4. When the dictionary had no problem roasting DJ Khaled.

    Oh my fucking god it’s the fucking dictionary coming for DJ Khaled.

    SJSchauer / Via Twitter: @SJSchauer

    5. When Wendy's existed...

    6. ...Like, seriously.

    7. And when Jimmy John's put Wendy's back in its place.

    8. When Butterfinger roasted Tom Brady after losing the 2018 Super Bowl.

    9. When Edward tried to play Samsung, and Samsung wasn't having any of it.

    10. When Old Spice refused to be told what to do.

    11. When Hot Pockets knew that nobody could actually feel that way.

    @Sebastianistall Someone hack your account?

    12. When Staples had no problem mocking Kris Jenner's new necklace.

    Also available in aisle 7.... #ThinkStaples https://t.co/Do3I7J641p

    13. When Conan thought he'd be clever roasting Netflix, and Netflix fought back.

    looking forward to the 1,138th episode of Conan tonight https://t.co/VZ04fAshoo

    14. When Old Spice thought it could out-sass Taco Bell.

    @OldSpice Is your deodorant made with really old spices?

    15. When Tesco went in for the kill.

    @JayFeliipe Are you really in a position to be turning girls away?

    16. Finally, when DiGiorno changed their Twitter bio to spoof Papa John's slogan...

    17. ...And Papa Johns dished it right back.