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    Posted on Jun 30, 2018

    21 Things That Introverts Get Excited About

    How do extroverts just talk to people? HOW??

    Everyone knows introverts love staying at home, but did you know that there are so many other things that we cherish? Well, people on Twitter are sharing their #IntrovertTurnOns, and if they're not all painfully accurate, I don't know what is.


    1. Avoiding awkward pleasantries:

    Waving instead of engaging in small talk. #IntrovertTurnOns

    2. Cancelling plans:

    #IntrovertTurnOns "it's been cancelled"

    3. Avoiding school:

    4. Taking a long shower:

    Deep thoughts in a steamy hot shower #IntrovertTurnOns

    5. Avoiding company:

    Guests leaving your house. #IntrovertTurnOns

    6. Peace and quiet:

    #IntrovertTurnOns - Being so glad that you come to an empty and quiet house at the end of the day.

    7. Avoiding delivery people knocking on the door:

    #IntrovertTurnOns Amazon Prime, no signature required.

    8. Hours of memes at our fingertips:

    #IntrovertTurnOns A fully charged phone

    9. Avoiding people in public:

    Being left tf alone by strangers #IntrovertTurnOns

    10. Card games:

    #IntrovertTurnOns A nice competitive game of solitaire.

    11. Avoiding restaurants:

    12. Listening to this all night:

    #IntrovertTurnOns The Sound Of it Raining at night 💕

    13. Avoiding other drivers:

    Being the only driver on the road late at night/early morning. #IntrovertTurnOns

    14. All of this:

    #IntrovertTurnOns: Not leaving the house all weekend Going a whole day without speaking, except to your pet(s) Living in a large enough town that you never see anyone you know when you run errands

    15. Avoiding customer support calls:

    #IntrovertTurnOns When customer support has a 'chat online' option.

    16. Actually...avoiding any calls in general:

    Anytime you can avoid having to make a phone call. #IntrovertTurnOns

    17. Hanging out with people who want to be an introvert with you:

    #IntrovertTurnOns someone you can sit with in silence without feeling awkward

    18. And hanging out with people who bring a little bit of extrovert out of you:

    #IntrovertTurnOns Becoming extroverted with another introvert when we're alone together.

    19. Avoiding this question:

    Not being asked "Why are you so quiet?" #IntrovertTurnOns

    20. Lying low:

    #IntrovertTurnOns Seeing an available seat allll the way in the back

    21. But the one thing we love to do most is sit back and watch extroverts. The way that they can just talk to people is amazing. How do they do it?

    #IntrovertTurnOns Secretly adoring extroverts

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