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    Trick-Or-Treating Is Fine And Apple Cider Is Fine, But Here Are 18 Things I Don't Like About Halloween

    Decorative gourds are annoying. They're too small to carve, you can't eat them, and they serve no functional purpose. I don't know why we have them!!!

    Today I am feeling extra nit-picky and have decided to take it out on Halloween. Here are 18 things about Halloween that I don't like...

    If you really want to change my mind, leave a polite comment below.

    1. Motion-activated decorations

    2. Jack Skellington

    3. Pumpkin-flavored things

    pumpkins around a bowl of pumpkin soup

    4. Candy Corn

    bowl of candy corn

    5. Related: Candy Pumpkins

    pile candy pumpkins

    6. Bobbing for apples

    closeup of someone's face in a bowl of water to get an apple

    7. Haunted houses

    a dark abandoned room with only a small bit of light coming in from a window

    8. Cinnamon brooms

    broom floating

    9. Pumpkin guts

    hands holding the seeds from a freshly carved pumpkin

    10. Decorative gourds

    box of gourds

    11. The Great Pumpkin

    12. Cobwebs

    front door with pumpkins and fake cobwebs

    13. Rubber masks

    a rubber mask handing from a clothes line

    14. Max from Hocus Pocus

    15. Pop-up halloween stores

    masks on sale

    16. Unofficial trick-or-treat hours

    kids walking down the street to trick or treat

    17. Bloody bridal dresses

    woman in a bloody bride dress

    18. Finally, caramel apples.

    hand dunking an apple into a bowl of caramel