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    19 Things Floridians Did In School That I Guarantee The Rest Of America Didn't

    Alligator safety, anyone?

    1. We learned mosquito safety.

    Thamkc / Getty Images

    I don't know about the rest of you, but my school hosted a mosquito awareness week. I think I'm actually afraid of standing water now.

    2. We also learned how to avoid and escape rip currents.

    Good_stock / Getty Images

    Don't fight it! Swim to the left or right to escape.

    3. We acquired massive amounts of sand in our shoes because that's what the playground was covered in.

    Baona / Getty Images

    And it was painful when the little sand granules rubbed between your sock and your heel.

    4. We looked for sharks' teeth instead of playing on the swing or slide.

    lidooley33 / Via

    We definitely kept our collections in a sandwich bag or small box on our dressers.

    5. We had indoor recess often because the weather was too hot or rainy.

    Targovcom / Getty Images

    Even when it stopped raining 10 minutes later, it would be soggy and humid out.

    6. We waited patiently outside for a flyby if our teacher knew the Blue Angels were in town.

    Handout / Getty Images

    It was an EVENT.

    7. And we begged them to let us skip lessons and watch the sky when Kennedy Space Center was launching something.

    jkbuildersllc / Via

    Could we see it? Probably not. But still, the excitement was there.

    8. Even though we've seen rockets up close during the field trip to Kennedy Space Center that we've all been on.

    9. We groaned every time we heard the terms "sunshine state standards."

    angry_muppet / Via

    Ugh, and the FCAT was terrible.

    10. We learned extensively about brackish water and mangrove trees even though that knowledge is pretty useless now.

    Triggerphoto / Getty Images

    And we definitely went on a class trip to the eco park in our neighborhood to look at them.

    11. And we rode one of these on the way to a field trip at Busch Gardens.

    Genevieve Adams 5th grade Lowry Elementary. On the bus back home from 5th grade Busch Gardens field trip!!#hcpsread

    It was a "science trip" because Busch Garden is also a zoo, but we definitely rode all of the roller coasters.

    12. We all wore clothes from Simply Southern to school.

    13. If we weren't wearing Simply Southern, we were wearing Guy Harvey or Salt Life.

    14. We were taught how to master the "stingray shuffle."

    15. We read about people like Ponce de Leon and Henry Ford because they had a significant impact on Florida's history.

    Mpi / Getty Images, Afp / AFP / Getty Images

    I doubt any other state knows more about these people than we do.

    16. We had to learn the lyrics to "Swanee River" and then we promptly forgot them.

    Wilsilver77 / Getty Images

    And those of us who actually visited the Suwannee River didn't really get the hype.

    17. We watched the news during a tropical storm or hurricane watch to see if school was canceled.

    School canceled for tropical storm but...

    Sometimes the storm would just turn and we'd have a day off of school where the weather was sunny.

    18. And we got to skip school if we didn't use a hurricane makeup day.

    Lee County School District / Via

    Long weekends FTW.

    19. Finally, we learned how to outrun an alligator.

    Brianlasenby / Getty Images

    That "run in a zigzag" thing is a total lie. Run in a straight line as far away from the gator as possible.