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I Just Found Out How Sesame Seeds Grow And I'm Currently Marveling At An Everything Bagel

Open sesame?

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And if you're thinking, "Obviously, that's not where they come from," I invite you to share your PhD in Sesame Seedology with us, and click where the sesame seed is below. I bet you can't.

If you got it correct and you do have a PhD in Sesame Seedology, I'm sorry for smart-mouthing you.

So, where do sesame seeds come from? I need to know. I need to know. Tell me, baby girl, 'cause —


Then, they are picked, dried, and shaken to release all of the seeds from the pods.

Some farmers use machines for this process, but the majority of the world's sesame seeds are still picked by hand.

If you're saying, "I might lose sleep wondering how they make sesame oil, now." Well, for the sake of your physical and emotional well-being, I decided to leave you with a slightly arousing GIF of a mechanical press making sesame oil.

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