14 Playgrounds Designed By Someone Clearly Having A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

    Caution: Hornets

    1. This slide that should have a helmet rental booth next to it.

    A slide in an industrial area

    2. And this playground that said, "I see your concrete wedge slide and raise you a slide that a helmet couldn't even help with."

    A slide that ends in a street

    3. And this playground that essentially saw the last one and said, "Hold my beer."

    A slide that ends at the edge of a building

    4. This incredibly unsatisfying game of tic-tac-toe.

    A Tic-Tac-Toe game missing a row

    5. This roundabout that's a little bit more than a close shave.

    A roundabout ride that goes under concrete

    6. This swing that comes with a refreshing bonus after the rain.

    A wet child swing

    7. This playground toy that proves some problems have no solution.

    A playground puzzle

    8. This exposed LIVE WIRE at an indoor playground that could easily make all the wrong kinds of childhood memories.

    An exposed wire at a playground

    9. This slide that you really need to keep your ankles crossed for.

    A three-way slide

    10. This playground that looks like it could tell you a story or two.

    A sad looking wooden train

    11. This super duper fun swing that I'm incredibly surprised nobody is playing on.

    A swing with a chain that extends into the ground

    12. This playground that the wrong things swarmed to.

    Bees covering a playground slide

    13. And this playground that's a little more subtle with its stinging flying insects than the last.

    A sign saying "Caution: Hornets"

    14. Finally, this "slide" that's actually more of a "fall."

    A broken slide