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Updated on Dec 8, 2019. Posted on Dec 2, 2019

22 Teachers Who Took Teaching Way Farther Than Everyone Else This Decade

"Every time a student hands in cut-and-paste sorting code from the internet, this kitten gets sadder."

1. This teacher went the extra mile to punk Jerry and Robby.

Lickmeallover / Via

2. This teacher who absolutely nailed Meme Day at their school.

ginger_king / Via

3. This teacher came early to make breakfast.

shoutout to mr johnston for making pb&j for his kiddos who didn’t eat breakfast before our AP test this morning :’)

4. This teacher embraced his doppleganger.

PinkSnuff / Via

5. This teacher found an awesome new way to grade.

I love grading with my new stickers!

6. This high school art teacher who won Halloween.

vitaefinem / Via

7. This teacher developed their own way to decode what their students were saying.

My sociology professor keeps an alphabetic list of new slang terms he learns from students and I will never get over it

8. This teacher waited for the perfect moment to rip his button down off Hulk-style.

eristerra / Via

9. This teacher posted daily memes on the board, and I have to say, this one made me laugh out loud.

a_smerry_enemy / Via

10. This teacher went to great lengths to ensure their students were making it to class.

11. This teacher went out of their way to hilariously rickroll students.

Sudhanva_Kote / Via

12. This teacher showcased student work in the most stylish way.

my mom is the cutest art teacher ever!! She made a dress and had every one of her students draw one thing on the dress for her to wear. This was her at her student’s art show tonight. IM SOBBING

13. This teacher created a special place for assignments that weren't turned in on time.

MrMegaGamerz / Via

14. This teacher didn't hold back when it came to sorting files on their computer.

jcqueline / Via

15. This teacher set the vibe with their ominously labeled water bottle.

16. This teacher gave out awards for extraordinarily bad exams.

fishstickz420 / Via

17. This teacher dressed up for his science experiment with a hat and cape.

DealSupreme / Via

18. This teacher duped their students with a larger-than-life photo.

CantFindBacon / Via

19. This teacher coordinated their outfit with their powerpoint.

lilgoattt / Via

20. This teacher made sure their students were paying attention.

thepkmncenter / Via

21. This teacher perfected a foolproof anti-plagiarism technique with kittens and guilt.

jdenst / Via

22. Finally, this teacher totally recognized fatigue and did something awesome about it.

Here's to another decade of wonderfully creative teachers!


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