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This Couple Was Shocked When They Got A Wedding Gift From Taylor Swift, Herself, And It'll Make You Smile

"Love Story" plays softly in the distance.

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This is Alexas Gonzales and Brittany Lewis. They're in love.

She is the love of my life. 😘

Brittany and Alexas met each other at Barbers Hill High School in Mont Belvieu, Texas when they were teenagers, and they just got married on January 12th.

Someone very special to them and their relationship sent them flowers and a heartfelt note on their wedding day. You may know her: Taylor freakin' Swift!

taylorswift / Via

Brittany and Alexas have been fans of Taylor's for nine years, and have officially made "Love Story" their song.

The love of my life 😘 @Britt1227Lewis

"'Love Story' is literally Britt and I's story! Our families didn’t really want us to be together for years, but we were just so in love with each other that we pushed through," Gonzales told BuzzFeed.

"We couldn't believe it! I started crying and Brittany screamed at the top of her lungs."

Christina Elliot / Via lexiilove08 / Twitter: @LexiiLove08

"Lexi and Brittany, you have no idea how honored I am that 'Love Story' has been such a big part of your beautiful love story. I'm absolutely thrilled that Lexi said YES! Have the most magical wedding day, and hopefully I can meet you both soon! Love, Taylor"

Congratulations to the happy couple! May your marriage be just as happy and wonderful as the "Love Story" music video!

Still In freaking shock that @taylorswift13 sent me and my amazing Hubby flowers on our wedding day! 😭😍🙌🏽💕…