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    Here Are the 19 Grossest Orders Subway Employees Have Been Forced To Make

    What IS IT with people and mayo?

    There's a Reddit thread by u/hiddensquid3 that asked Subway employees for the grossest Subway sub they've ever made, and BOY OH BOY did they deliver. Would you eat the sub combos?

    1. This meat-pickle-pepper abomination:

    "I took my sister to subway when she visited. She ordered a meatball sub with seafood, tuna, teriyaki chicken, capsicum (bell pepper), and pickle. I was not phased...until she asked for tomato sauce."


    2. This caramelized tuna mess:

    "A guy in front of me in line ordered a tuna sandwich and then pulled out a bag of grain sugar. He asked if they’d put the sugar on top of all the tuna before roasting the sandwich. They did."


    3. This meat monster:

    "A customer came in and ordered a meatball sub. He asked me to put every meat we had on it: seafood, tuna, cold meats, the four different chickens we had at the time, everything. It was an absolute bitch to close and cost him something like $40. He sat down inside and ate it all."


    4. This 80-bacon strip masterpiece:

    "One guy would come in and order two quadruple meat, quadruple cheese BLTs. That's 40 pieces of bacon per sandwich. He would house both of them sitting right there in the dining room. 80 pieces of bacon down one pie hole."


    5. This cheesy oily madness:

    "Way back when we used to make cheesy bread by pulling out the middle and melting the cheese in its place (we don't do that anymore), there was this person that wanted that and asked for nothing else except oil. I mean, it was just literally a shit ton of oil. There was a pool of oil about 3cm deep filling the excavation of bread."


    6. This mayo with a side of lettuce:

    "The grossest thing I ever made was a salad for a lady. She asked for a salad with shredded lettuce, cut up ham, and mayonnaise. So. Much. Mayo. I squeezed a few lines on her salad and looked up at her to ask if that was too much and she said, 'Oh no baby, I’m going to need a lot more than that.' I ended up squeezing what seemed like almost half of the squeeze bottle on her salad. The top of the lettuce-ham bowl she asked for was completely covered in mayo, like a blanket of creamy snow. She even got extra mayo in a little cup on the side 'just in case.'"


    7. This saucy special:

    "A drunk guy came in and asked for a six-inch flatbread with just mayo, garlic mayo, and ketchup. He also wanted it toasted."


    8. This pickle juice sandwich:

    "[I made] a footlong with lots of marinara sauce and pickle juice. Not pickles, just the juice from the bag that they came in from the supplier."


    9. This interesting combo:

    "I would often have a customer that would order a footlong honey wheat with nothing but onions, hot sauce, mayo, and black olives. It smelled of feet and sickness when it was done being toasted."


    10. This all-in creation:

    "I've had many odd combinations, but the top one was when a drunk came in and wanted everything on the sub. I explained that if he had everything, it would be very expensive, but he insisted. So, I opened up a footlong, heated all the meats and cheese, toasted it, and added the salads, a majority of the sauces, and salt and pepper. It came to 70-ish dollars."


    11. This smelly delight:

    "My mom used to get a tuna salad sub with black olives, onions, meatballs, and extra marinara for one of her coworkers. She told her coworker one day that she couldn’t get it anymore because it made her car smell bad."


    12. This interesting choice:

    "Not a sandwich, but when I worked at Subway, there was an option to turn any sub into a salad for a nominal fee. A guy comes through and orders a hot meatball salad. I’ve never been able to get it out of my mind."


    13. This messy marvel:

    "One woman comes in and gets an extra scoop of guacamole on the top of her bun. I don't mean on the top of the part of the sandwich where we put meats, I mean literally on top of the sub when its closed."


    14. This seafood/cookie concoction:

    "I dare say that we created some of the nastiest shit known to man. The worst would always be the Seafood Sensation, which was imitation crab. The combo that takes the cake was a Seafood Sensation, footlong wheat, toasted, mayo, and a CRUMBLED UP OATMEAL RAISIN [COOKIE]."


    15. This hot salad:

    "Once, I had a girl come in and ask for a veggie salad. As I was putting it together, out of no where, she asked if I could warm up her salad. She said she had sensitive teeth. I said, 'So like in the microwave?' She said yes. I wanted to throw up just the idea of wilted lettuce, but I did it."


    16. This mustard maniac:

    "I had a customer that came in and asked for just the bread and mustard. Every time I put some on, they’d ask for more. One time, I jokingly asked if they wanted the whole bottle and they said yes. After confirming, I opened the bottle and dumped the entire thing on the sandwich. They came back and got this sandwich probably once a week for the duration of my employment there."


    17. This spicy request:

    "I had a guy who came in once a week and got a turkey sub on whole wheat with just mayo and five to six handfuls of jalapeños. He would sit in the store, no drink, and take it down. I watched a couple times and couldn’t even see him sweat. It was impressive."


    18. This mayo cookie crumble:

    "One guy would get teriyaki chicken, tuna, bacon, toasted, with four raspberry cheesecake cookies between the chicken and the tuna, and a TON of mayonnaise on top. He'd do this maybe two or three times a week."


    19. And finally, this absolute horror:

    "This trucker comes in once or twice a week and orders a tuna sub. He wants the bread coated on both side with mayo, then add tuna and Swiss cheese (double portion), cover the tuna in ranch, add two big handfuls of shredded cheese, use more ranch, put two bigger handfuls of shredded cheese on, add more ranch, add onions and green peppers, toast it, add more shredded cheese, add one last quarter of a bottle of ranch, and add a strip of lite mayo before you wrap it."


    Have you every witnessed a truly awful Subway order? I WANT TO KNOW. Tell me in the comments below!

    Note: Entries have been edited for length and clarity.