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    19 Teachers Who Caught Students Cheating So, So Creatively

    And to think I studied everything like a noob...

    Reddit user u/german900 asked teachers and students for the most creative ways they'd seen someone cheat at school. The answers are just too dang good not to share.

    1. This simple swap:

    "In a lot of my college courses I wasn't allowed to use anything higher than a TI-84. So, I took the guts of my TI-89 and swapped it into my TI-84. I never got caught."


    2. This translating trick:

    "If I had a paper to write on a book I didn't read, I would find a well-written paper online and translate the entire thing from English to German, German to French, French to Spanish, then Spanish back to English. Then, I'd pull the original paper and the new one up side-by-side and clean up the grammar on the new paper. It worked like a charm."


    3. These M&M masters:

    "One person pulled out a giant bag of M&Ms and ate a specific color corresponding to A, B, C, and D. It was a two-student duo and they only got caught when another student ratted them out."


    4. This watchmaker:

    "One of my old teachers told us a story about a student who had rigged up a tiny scroll of paper in a wristwatch with notes written on it. He turned the scroll by winding the watch."


    5. This dedication:

    "My exams that used a graphic calculator (TI-84) required us to show the examiners a 'proof of reset' screen before the papers started. Instead of actually studying for my papers, I painstakingly redrew the 'proof of reset' screen pixel by pixel in the TI-84's pixel art program and stored all my notes in it."


    6. This tattoo hack:

    A girl with a really intricate tattoo on her leg wrote formulas in between the tattoo lines. Even looking closely, you couldn't tell unless you knew what you were looking for. You knew it was test day because she wore shorts."


    7. This Snapple caper:

    "High school kids recreated a Snapple label where the nutrition panel on the back had all the answers and formulas. They only got caught because I’d never seen the flavor before and wanted to see how much sugar was in it."


    8. This serious rigging:

    "A classmate broke the screen and keyboard of his calculator and hid his cell phone in it so it couldn't be seen from the teacher's position."


    9. This pencil whisperer:

    "I passed a pop quiz in high school by looking across the room and focusing on the top of the smart girl's pencil trying to decipher if she wrote A, B, C, or D after the teacher asked each question. It actually turned out more successful than I thought it would."


    10. This clever iPod hack:

    "I used a text file on one of the original iPods. The teacher was fine with 'listening to music' during tests. It made my life so much easier."


    11. This font maker:

    "There was a class that allowed you to bring one sheet of handwritten notes to exams. I knew a guy that created a font of his own handwriting and used to print the entire study guide onto a piece of notebook paper, front and back. He even set the font color to pencil grey and managed to get the margins and spacing exactly right to look like it'd been handwritten."


    12. This sneaky white text:

    "I was grading a written assignment that had a 1,000-word minimum and one particular paper just felt really short to me despite Word telling me it was roughly 1,100 words long. On a hunch, I hit CTRL+A and, sure enough, after the paper concluded, there was a lot of white nonsense text on a white background."


    13. This time zone loop hole:

    "My girlfriend works for a dental exam company which gives obviously high stakes exams. Since the exams are worldwide, they have actually found people from one time zone paying people from another time zone to email questions to them right before the exam starts."


    14. This rubber band bandit:

    "I stretched a rubber band around a text book, wrote whatever I wanted on it, then when I took it off the textbook, it just looked like scribble until I stretched it to see what was written."


    15. This sneaky thing:

    "A classmate was printing the answers on his paper in pale grey so that it could barely be seen. He still got caught because the teacher noticed him reading an empty sheet."


    16. This computer whiz:

    "My physics professor posted the answers to the homework online after it was due. The thing was, he was just making the existing pages visible and the URLs followed a simple and predictable format. If you knew the URL, you could look at it before it was made public. Like this:, 002, 003, etc..."


    17. This clever system:

    "In middle school, we would rely on the one kid who actually studied. Most of the quizzes our teachers gave were multiple choice, so if the answer was A, the kid would cough, if the answer was B, he would sniffle, if the answer was C, he would sigh, and if the answer was D, he would stretch in his seat."


    18. This straight-up goof:

    "My freshman year of Spanish, a question asked what currency is used in Venezuela. I had no idea but I knew it wasn’t pesos. I went to the teacher and asked her how many pesos a sandwich would cost in Venezuela. 'They actually use the bolivar,' was her response. Cha-ching."


    19. And these Morse code masters:

    "My coworker angrily shouted at a pair of really frightened 10th graders whose desk he smashed. Amidst the shouting I caught the words, 'Morse code.' Apparently, the kids were silently tapping the answers amongst themselves in Morse code. Not even with their fingernails, just their fingertips.


    OK, it's your turn. Tell us the most creative way you cheated. We promise we won't rat on you!