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    19 Moments That Prove Stephen Hawking Had Comedy Down To A Science

    Good one, professor.

    1. That time he dished out this CLASSIC joke:

    Science Channel / Via

    2. And that time he tried stand-up comedy:

    The Mean Channel / Via

    3. That time he consoled a fan by telling them there's an alternate universe where One Direction is still together.

    Reminder that when Stephen Hawking was asked abt teen girls being upset over Zayn Malik leaving One Direction he gave the sweetest answer:

    4. That time he gave his review of The Theory of Everything:

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    5. That time he told us the real issue with other dimensions.

    Afp / AFP / Getty Images

    6. That time Gordon Ramsay tried to be his new voice and got brutally shut down:

    Comic Relief / Via

    7. That time he owned John Oliver:

    Last Week Tonight / Via

    8. And this time:

    Last Week Tonight / Via

    9. And then this time:

    Last Week Tonight / Via

    10. And, you guessed it, this time:

    Last Week Tonight / Via

    11. Plus, that time he owned Sheldon Cooper:


    12. That time he called out Paul Rudd during a game of chess.

    IQIM Caltech / Via

    13. That time he complimented another genius.


    14. That time he kind of roasted humanity:

    Jemal Countess / Getty Images

    15. That time he had a party only for time travelers and nobody showed up.

    wearestarstuff51 / Via

    16. That time he really just wanted to know who won the bet.

    Jemal Countess / Getty Images

    17. That time he went on Futurama as one of Al Gore's Vice-Presidential Action Rangers.


    18. All of those times he shared his wisdom on The Simpsons:


    19. And finally, we should never forget about that time he turned into a literal Transformer for Red Nose Day:

    BBC / Via

    Thank you, Dr. Hawking, for your brilliant mind and your great sense of humor.

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images