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    21 Starbucks Stores That Are More Beautiful Than They Have Any Right To Be

    Your passport is going to have coffee stains all over it.

    1. This store, called the Dewata Coffee Sanctuary in Bali, is 24,000 square feet, has an adjoining coffee farm, tasting room, greenhouse, and an interactive wall showing how coffee is picked, washed, and roasted.

    2. This Starbucks at their own coffee farm in Costa Rica couldn't get me to leave their balcony no matter how hard they tried.

    3. This Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Milan has a 30-foot marble counter inside, as well as a mezzanine where mixologists make coffee cocktails.

    4. This totally unique store in Taiwan is made out of 29 shipping containers.

    5. This store in Thailand honestly looks more like a palace.

    6. This three-story store in Yangshuo, Xijie looks like it's been there since the town was built.

    7. This store on the beach of Mallorca has so many windows, you can't avoid views of the water even if you wanted to.

    8. This store in New Orleans pays tribute to the city's culture and design elements. Honestly, I want to take one of those trumpet lights home.

    9. This cafe in Kobe, Japan is on the waterfront and designed to look like a ship coming into port.

    10. This store in Maryland is so cozy and mod, it feels like you need reservations for it.

    11. This charming store in Palm Springs looks like the perfect desert oasis.

    12. This store in Portland, Oregon has got the coolest little hint of steampunk that you can definitely vibe with.

    13. This glass coffee dome in Korea is decorated with coffee trees and considers itself an "urban coffee forest."

    14. This store in Miami Beach has huge murals, tons of light, and is walking distance to the ocean.

    15. This bank-turned-Starbucks in Idaho is so charming and toasty looking, I want to roll around in the snow just so I can go in and warm up.

    16. This store in Amsterdam used to be a literal bank vault.

    17. This Kagoshima Senganen store in Japan looks homey and move-in ready.

    18. This store in Boston built in a historical building from the 1800's beckons me to take pictures of my coffee in black and white.

    19. This massive Starbucks Reserve Roastery in New York is basically a coffee lover's dream come true.

    20. This store was built in a century-old community space in Olympia, Washington.

    21. This store in Paris, which is perfect if you ever wanted to feel like you were drinking your coffee in an actual painting.


    A previous version of the post incorrectly stated that the store in Ketchum, ID was a church. It was actually a bank before it became a Starbucks!