I Just Found Out Mama Bear Gets Turned Into A Rug In "Shrek", And I Am NOT Okay

    This is not PG.

    Hi, hello! I hope you're having a pleasant day because I'm about to ruin it.

    Yesterday, I went to work and did some very important research on the greatest film of all time, Shrek, when I came across a HIGHLY disturbing detail.

    You know at the beginning of the movie when all of the fairytale creatures are getting kicked out of Duloc, and you see the three bears caged?

    Then you see Papa Bear and Baby Bear all sad and mopey in the swamp because, you know, they have no home.

    But...you don't see Mama Bear.

    That's because Lord Farquaad turned her into a bear skin rug!

    She even still has her bow on!


    Like, I knew that Lord Farquaad was the absolute worst, but what kind of a sicko rips a family apart like that?!

    It's a good thing he got what was coming to him in the end.

    Anyway, a fairytale creature was casually skinned and made into bedroom decor in a children's movie, and I need to go stare at a blank wall for a while.

    I'm sorry for this disturbing news.

    Thanks to Redditor u/exmormonphoenix for spotting this!