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16 Schools That Really Tested Their Students's Sanity


1. This school's flyer is honestly hurting my head. It needs to be taken down immediately.

cron-che / Via

2. This school's hallways converge at this one corridor, and it looks like a nightmare.

LuigiSaysKachow / Via

3. This school decided it was a good idea to install light beams along this particular part of the ceiling.

Triomat / Via

4. This school put shelves in its lockers so now a backpack won't even fit.

zuccilvan / Via

5. This school's web filter is very good at catching distracting websites like, but isn't that great at catching distracting websites like PornHub.

lmore3 / Via

6. This school's website blocker also needs some work considering the reason that they blocked this site was "Education."

Adsnipers / Via

7. This school really makes you think with this mess of a sign.

InboundBark49 / Via

8. This school offers kids a homework pass if they give money to the school.

Mykal-Keliikoa / Via

9. This school installed an absolutely impenetrable security gate.

Mysgym / Via

10. This school sent out an anonymous survey only for the first required question to be your first and last name.

lucky_dog21 / Via

11. This school has a door to the outside on the...second floor?

parkwaygive / Via

12. This school made a typo in the very first sentence of its writing guide.

RumHam12 / Via

13. It's like this school lined up the gap in the overhead covering and the benches so any kid who sat on one could get roasted by the sun or rained on.

CookieBiGirl / Via

14. This school put up a sign with so many mistakes that it had to get the red pen treatment from a teacher.

bluebirdgm / Via

15. This school's password policy is the most absurd thing I've ever read.

demize95 / Via

16. Finally, this school makes you ladle ketchup out of a bucket from the cafeteria like an ANIMAL.

Ellahluja / Via

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