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18 Scenes In "The Emperor's New Groove" That Will Never Not Be Funny

"Hey, I've been turned into a cow. Can I go home?"

1. When Kronk respected good craftsmanship:

2. When the waitress had the ultimate dig:

3. When Yzma defined a "you" problem:

4. When the Emperor thought things were about to get much worse:

5. When they addressed an actual plot hole:

6. When Pacha came up with the perfect distraction:

7. When the devil on Kronk's shoulder made an awesome point:

8. When Kuzco tried to get some questions answered about Yzma:

9. When Kronk pulled the lever:

10. When Yzma was honestly wondering what was going on:

11. When Kuzco accepted his fate:

12. When Kronk didn't get Yzma's subtle gesture:

13. When Kronk led his troops to find an acorn:

14. When Yzma excused a guard:

15. When Kronk and Yzma had a different interpretation of "it's time":

16. When Chaca asked for some clarification:

17. When Yzma had a brilliant plan:

18. And finally, when Yzma ruined Kronk's entire existence with just seven words: