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    15 Hilarious Letters To Santa That Are Neither Holly Nor Jolly

    "Your good list is emty, and your life is emty."

    1. You think you understand pain, Santa?

    2. You can't even make a G.I. Joe jet. Who do you think you are?

    3. You're ruining lives.

    4. You think your sleigh is magical?

    5. You are stupid.

    6. You capitalist pig.

    vriskaaserket / Via

    7. You can't deliver.

    8. And there are going to be consequences.

    9. Also, why are you so fat?

    10. Eat your vegetables, dude.

    11. Are you even real?

    12. Prove it.

    13. You're a fake.

    14. You sit on a throne of lies.

    15. Finally...just don't.

    carmevore / Via