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17 Restaurants That Are Seriously Not OK


1. This restaurant puts the sauce on top of the burger, so clean fingers aren't an option.

chinamainlander / Via

2. This restaurant serves BBQ sauce out of a shaker.

quality-control / Via

3. This restaurant chooses to complicate its pizza sizes.

Quantum13_6 / Via

4. This restaurant has tables that don't push cleanly together because of their circular bases.

telehax / Via

5. This restaurant serves its burritos on stones for no apparent reason other than making it a nightmare when you scrape it with a fork.

becauseofwhen / Via

6. This restaurant makes eating Caesar salads far more complicated than it needs to be.

brodakmoment / Via

7. This restaurant's suggested tip is way more than the percentage it says it is.

DevinAlMighty / Via

8. This restaurant serves a version of a charcuterie board that never needs to be replicated.

CageyCanadian / Via

9. This restaurant has plates with patterns that make them look like they're always dirty.

Jetwynn / Via

10. This restaurant has a menu on a mirror so you can't read it at all.

cwithersk12s / Via

11. This restaurant serves margaritas with a pickle and olives as garnish.

Nagwoem / Via

12. This restaurant wants to trick you into thinking you're going to get more fries by filling up the bottom of the basket with wadded paper.

MaiasaLiger / Via

13. This restaurant has a kids' menu that is unbelievably infuriating.

JoJoV111 / Via

14. This restaurant has all of its numbered menu items out of order.

lionheartdamacy / Via

15. This restaurant gives back all of the change in coins.

travelator / Via

16. This restaurant charges for Wi-Fi????

Bill__The__Cat / Via

17. And this restaurant puts bottled water on the table in hopes that you'll drink it so they can charge you for it.

sayingwHatwHeird83 / Via

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