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May 15, 2020

19 Totally Terrific Quizzes That'll Give You The Little Bit Of Fun You Need

So many to choose from!

Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

1. Sorry, But Only An Avenger Can Get 100% On This Marvel Character Quiz


Do you know Peter Parker from Peter Quill? Take the quiz here.

4. You Have Too Much Random Knowledge If You Can Pass This Quiz


You've got some stuff rattling around in that brain of yours. Show it off! Take the quiz here.

5. If You Can Get A 5 On This AP "Harry Potter" Villains Test, I'll Be Very Impressed

Warner Bros.

It's the AP test you wish you would've taken in high school! Take the quiz here.

6. I Drew These Disney Characters With Straight Lines Only — Can You Guess Them?


It's harder without curved lines! Take the quiz here.

7. If You Can Solve Just 3/15 Of These Riddles, You're Legally A Genius


This'll leave you scratching your head. Take the quiz here.

8. 20 Unpopular Opinion Polls About "Harry Potter" That Might Get You Heated

Warner Bros.

You ready to start a fight? Take the quiz here.

9. Half Of The Population Can't Pass This Division Test Without A Calculator — Can You?

The CW

This will take you back to your middle school days! Take the quiz here.

10. Where Do You Stand On These Super Controversial Quarantine Behaviors?


Do your views differ from everyone else's? Take the quiz here.

11. Say "I Do" Or "I Don't" To These Rings And We'll Reveal How Many Times You'll Be Married

Diamond Nexus / Color Force

It's time to rate some rings! Take the quiz here.

12. You Can Pick Only One Movie For Every Actor, And I Apologize In Advance For How Hard These Decisions Will Be

Roadside Attraction / Sony

Are you more of a Hunger Games J-Law fan or an American Hustler J-Law fan? Take the quiz here.

13. Would You Save The Same Disney Characters From Death As Everyone Else?

Disney / Pixar

Some of these are still pretty fresh wounds. Take the quiz here.

14. Only 17% Of People Can Get An "A" On This Eighth-Grade Vocab Quiz


It's for middle schoolers! It shouldn't be that hard, right? Take the quiz here.

15. If You Can Score 100% On This “The Office” Quiz, I’ll Be Very Impressed


You've seen the show enough. Now, put your knowledge to the test! Take the quiz here.

16. I Bet You Can't Identify These Iconic Teen Movies By Just The Bedroom

Awesomeness Films

How well can you recall movie settings? Take the quiz here.

17. Anyone Born Before 2000 Is Gonna Feel Really Old After Taking This Quiz


Gen-Z will have a tough time with this one. Take the quiz here.

18. How Many "Glee" Characters Can You Actually Identify?


Who do you remember from the show? Take the quiz here.

19. Sorry, But If You Can't Pass This History Test, You Should Not Have Passed 3rd Grade

NBC / Columbia Pictures

If you don't pass, it's going to be embarrassing. Take the quiz here.

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