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    21 Tinder Profiles That You'd Swipe Right On Just Because Of The Quality Bio

    Take notes.

    1. This profile has mastered the plot twist:

    sgtmcc / Via

    2. This profile is making me rethink everything:

    pinapply / Via

    3. This profile really paints a picture:

    xnorthernlightsx / Via

    4. This profile also doubles as a "help wanted" ad:

    namron1024 / Via

    5. This profile's anthem speaks as loud as its bio:

    jay-quel-in / Via

    6. This profile takes a turn at the very end:

    Play3er2 / Via

    7. This profile should be rated M for Mature:

    dustofoblivion123 / Via

    8. This profile is the beginning of a Tom Clancy thriller:

    Theglitch32 / Via

    9. This profile takes you through time:

    monica-geller2004 / Via

    10. This profile knows how to captivate in 13 words:

    maybepenistomorrow / Via

    11. This profile might actually be written by Edgar Allen Poe:

    joeloare / Via

    12. This profile comes highly recommended:

    d3fin3d / Via

    13. This profile cuts straight to the chase:

    potohawk / Via

    14. This profile already has your first date planned out:

    thaguywitdapie / Via

    15. This profile is a great persuasive essay on being a human:

    golfncars / Via

    16. This profile is a whole mood:

    thinking-about-her / Via

    17. This profile raises more questions than answers:

    comradelorenzo24 / Via

    18. This profile has a powerful "never give up" message:

    radioheadache0311 / Via

    19. This profile speaks to everyone on an emotional level:

    darknessdivine / Via

    20. This profile is trying to find love through prose:

    bigtungus / Via

    21. And finally, this profile proves that romance isn't dead:

    sadweegee / Via

    H/T r/tinder

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