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17 Adorable Dogs That Came Out Of The Groomer Not Looking Like Dogs

Nobody is immune from a bad haircut.

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1. This dog who looks like Eric Forman from That 70's Show.

stemason21 / Via Twitter: @stemason21, Fox

2. This pupper who looks like one of those football mascots with the head taken off.

clb2489 / Via, Ljupco / Getty Images

3. This poor little guy who looks like a ferret stuck in a toilet paper tube.

gworkman17 / Via Twitter: @gworkman17, jesst / Via

4. This dog who looks like a fidget spinner.

madisynzarrillo / Via Twitter: @madisynzarrillo, Amazon

5. This doggo who looks like a young Justin Timberlake.

Via Twitter: @marklsee, Jason Kirk / Getty Images

6. This pupper who looks like Falkor the Luckdragon from The Neverending Story.

lizzyschubert / Via Twitter: @LizzySchubert, Neue Constantin Film

7. This dog's butt, which looks like literally every explosion in Looney Tunes.

thatsoabi / Via Twitter: @thatsoabi

8. This doggo who looks like he's wearing one of those hats with attached mittens that you get everyone in your family for Christmas.

3milynh / Via Twitter: @3milYnH, Amazon

9. This dog who looks like this USB drive.

ashtonterrill / Via Twitter: @AshtonTerrill, Amazon

10. This little doggy who looks more like a house-elf than a doggo.

aznredditor / Via, Universal Studios

11. This pup who looks like George Sanderson from Monsters, Inc. after they discovered a sock on him.

bydaysbreak / Via Twitter: @bydaysbreak

12. This floof who looks like he has a one-way ticket to Flavortown.

rachelzaluski / Via Twitter: @RachelZaluski, Ethan Miller / Getty Images

13. This pupperino who looks like a water fountain.

AshleeBrianne97 / Via Twitter: @AshleeBrianne97, Shevchenkoandrey / Getty Images

14. This little woof who looks like they have tassels attached to their head.

caraleecc / Via Twitter: @caraleecc, Poike / Getty Images

15. This little dear who looks like they stole a wig from Lord Farquaad.

olszewskiabby / Via Twitter: @olszewskiabby, Dreamworks

16. This poor thing who has a mullet that rivals that of Joe Dirt.

chasereida / Via Twitter: @Liverpoolshell, Columbia Pictures

17. And finally, this pupper who looks like he swung from the chandelier just like Sia.

sophiaapak / Via Twitter: @sophiaapak, Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

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